With today’s advanced technology, a single treatment is now sufficient to restore the functionality and aesthetic appearance of missing teeth. TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR, a revolutionary concept offered by Dr. Raschkovsky, makes it possible for patients to reestablish functionality of teeth or dental implants after just a single one hour visit.

The recent advancements in this dental technology, as developed by Nobel Biocare, merges the expertise of the restorative doctor and the surgeon, allowing for heightened safety and increased precision when placing the dental implant. The final prosthesis is developed before surgery. The benefits of TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR care are reduced postoperative discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Patients normally resume their every-day activity a few days after treatment.

Thanks to TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR Dr. Raschkovsky can restore your beautiful smile during a single visit! Contact us to schedule a consultation visit to see if you are eligible for TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR.